“By getting the opportunity each week to work on individual skills, it allowed me to reach the next level in my game. Developing into a strong ball handler and getting a consistent shoot takes time and hard works, to say the least. Having a coach who values each individual player’s skills and pushes them to continue working is essential in making an elite team and I’m lucky to have found a program with players and coaches who work to be the best.”
– Anna D.

“Skills Academy is a fantastic guard and post workout lead by Coach Seberger. It focuses on practicing game like situations. By working on ball handling, creating shots off the dribble, and making quick and fast moves to the basket. It’s a very difficult workout but really makes you sweat and get after it with other skilled basketball players in the program.”
– Margaret W.

“I have gone to skills training since I first came to play for lady lighting and still go at least once a week. These training have helped and developed me to be a multi skilled player. It is always a hard, tough training that doesn’t fail to make you sweat while challenging yourself against other skilled athletes. We do lots of ball handling drills and as a wing player I wouldn’t have become as good of a ball handler without skills training. We do lots of drills finishing at the rim and shooting that have improved my basketball skills. With these training I have become a much more skilled basketball player and have put me in a position to continue growth and play beyond high school.”
– Sara R.

“Lightning Skills Academy helped me to become more a guard and less of a center. My ball handing improved tons from attending the sessions. Skills Academy is always a challenge and a good workout, no matter the age (I’ve been going for 3 years). It’s a great way to improve your game.”
– Holly L.

“The post clinics coach Seberger put on solidified my most moves, gave me confidence in the lane with both defense and offense. I still use a majority of the moves we’ve practiced in my sophomore year of division one basketball at SIUE. The invaluable experiences I’ve had with the lightning post coaches cannot be understated. I wouldn’t be half the player I am today without them.”

– Sydney B.

“I’ve been going to coach Seberger’s post class since I was in fifth grade. He pushed me to get better, while being in the same gym as some amazing post players. Not only did I learn practical skill sets, but I learned why and when to use each move. That is what makes these skills sessions so unique: you gain experience, skill, and become an overall better player at your desired position.”
– Lindsey J.