High School Training Camp


Mike Seberger has developed hundreds of players throughout his career. Whether your goal is to make your high school team, get more minutes on the team or raise your contribution level to the team we are here to help you to get ready for your High School season. Training Camp sessions will be led by our High School coaching staff. Players will work on a combination of skill work and controlled play, where players will have an opportunity to apply the skills they are learning in live play.

Players that wish to play for Lady Lightning in Spring/Summer 2023 are encouraged to attend these sessions.

  • September - October

    8 Wednesday Evening Practices with a few weekend practices
    Opportunity to play in (1) tournament


First Training Camp - Wednesday, September 7 from 7:00 - 9:00 PM @ Montini

Additional dates to come!

Countdown to the IHSA Girls Basketball Season