Tryouts happen twice a year. Once for the Fall/Winter season, typically in August, and once for the Spring/Summer, typically in March.
If you have missed a tryout please contact us as there may be openings on a team.

All age groups (3rd – 11th grade) have tryout sessions that take place prior to each session. Tryout format consists of skill work and team competition evaluation. All players are evaluated on skills demonstrated during the tryout.

Players/Parents will receive an email notification of their team placement following the last day of the tryouts. Players and their family will have until the 2nd practice to confirm their invitation and sign up for the season otherwise they are assumed to be forfeiting their spot on the team. Players not initially selected should note that they may be called back in the event another player forfeits their spot.

We do our best to accept all players, but numbers may not allow us to take everyone depending on participation, talent level and coaching resources.

During the tryout selection process, coaches evaluate all players and place them on teams appropriate for their level of ability. We work hard to place players in a position to increase their overall basketball skills and have a successful season contributing to their team. We have structured the teams so that all teams have equal training time, however the experiences of coaches and travel schedule of the team can alter the cost of the teams.

High School players that want to play on the top spring teams are encouraged to attend the fall training camp program.

Illinois Lady Lightning does its best to keep the fees as low as possible for players and parents. The season fee differs from team to team due to level, travel and age. Fees cover the cost of gym rental, insurance, tournament entry fees, coaches fees, coaches travel, uniform and administration fees. Season fees do not include player travel fees, hotels, food or any group transportation to and from out-of-town tournaments. Once accepting a spot on the team, families have a choice to pay in full or work with us on a payment plan that works for your family. Once accepting a spot on a team, the remaining balance of the dues are non-refundable.


Once a player is placed on a team their tournament dates and practice schedule will be posted and updated on their team page.  

GMs will notify the parents of any changes to the schedule or updates to specific tournament schedules.  Tournament schedules are typically posted the week prior to the event for the larger tournaments.  OneDay Shootouts are posted the Wednesday prior to the tournament date. 

  • 28.5 Women’s basketball
  • Water
  • Basketball shoes
  • Appropriate basketball practice attire
  • All Uniforms that were provided by Lady Lightning (typically a light and dark)
  • Basketball
  • Water 
  • Socks
  • Basketball shoes
  • It is recommended that players wear something under their uniform like spandex and a racerback shirt, so they don’t have to run to the bathroom to change their uniforms.  
  • Players are responsible for these items – not your parents!!!!


All players receive a uniform that will be returned to Lady Lightning at the end of the season.

If you are missing equipment or have damaged equipment, you need to contact Mike Seberger. Any gear that is lost or needs to be replaced during the season could result in an additional charge.

Players will have the opportunity to purchase additional items and team swag during their season.


Illinois Lady Lightning believes playing time is valuable to each players’ overall growth. We understand players need to be able to apply the skills and fundamentals learned in practice to live match situations. We work hard with our coaches to make sure we are finding as much quality playing time as possible for each player.
Players’ season fees go towards time and instruction by qualified, experienced coaches. Fees do not go towards playing time in tournaments. Playing time is earned by being at practice, working hard to improve, and executing the skills. Equal playing time is NOT guaranteed.

Coaches are advised to give everyone an opportunity to contribute their individual skills and abilities to the team during pool play matches. When teams advance past pool play, teams will tighten the line-up and play players who will put the team in the best position to be successful. Playing time amounts for all players is at the coaches’ discretion and may not be equal for all players.

Although we hope it does not occur, we understand that parents or player may not agree with all coaching decisions throughout the season and have questions. If a situation occurs, the fist step is to have the player communicate with her coaches. If that does not resolve the issues, please reach out to Mike Seberger.

All players, parents and coaches must adhere to a 48-hour rule: You must wait 48 hours until after tournament play has completed before emailing or calling in regard to playing time.