Lady Lightnings testimonials

I am a 2023 at Nazareth Academy and next year will be continuing my athletic career at DePaul University. I was a part of the Lady Lightning system for 10 years. I joined the program in 2nd grade along with my two older sisters. I started off playing up because there was no team for my age. This meant that from day one I was being challenged. I then started to get training from Coach Mike along with my sisters. The private clinics gave me insight from a young age the intensity and work ethic it takes to be a great player. Coach Mike pushed me constantly and would always correct my footwork, attitude, and shooting form. He would stop his sessions not just for me, but for everyone, to make sure all players had correct fundamentals. This alone set me up for success by having a Coach who cared about me getting better and creating good habits. Some of my favorite memories came from the Lightning program. The friendship and bonds you make are priceless. My favorite part was traveling and going to dinners, hotels, and different facilities with my teammates. In my opinion, Lady Lightning molded me into the person and player I am today.
-Grace Carstensen

I’ve been coming to skills academy since middle school. Coach Seberger has helped my improve my game in countless ways, specifically my post skills. Post camp has given me the opportunity to develop skills in the paint at a high level. I constantly use the post moves I’ve learned at camp in both my school and travel games. I’ve loved working with and learning from players of all ages, positions, and skill levels. Coach Seberger does an excellent job of choosing specific workouts for his players and helping them reach their full potential. I would highly recommend skills academy to anyone who wants to refine their game and take their talents to the next level.
-Grace R.

"Being on Lady Lightning team has brought me some of the best people I've met.  It has provided me with multiple opportunities both on and off the court.  During my time, I constantly had a bearing support system which allowed me to be the player I am today."
-Isabella K.

“I have been playing for Illinois Lady Lightning since I was in fourth grade. I have never played for another AAU team and I don’t regret that decision at all. I have learned a great deal about the game playing in this program. Also, I made some of my closest friends playing in the Lady Lightning program. I have grown both as a player and as a person because of playing for Coach Seberger. He has taught me the importance of team basketball and what coaches really want to see. I have received a number of Division 1 looks and scholarship offers because of the Lightning program. I’m so blessed to have played for lightning for 8 years because without this opportunity I would not be playing basketball in college. It’s a special program and the style we play is different than any other teams. I would highly recommend the Lady Lightning program to any girl who loves the game and wants to become a better player.”
-Margaret W.

“In 8th grade I decided to make the move to play for the Illinois Lady Lightning. As I look back at this decision, it was significant to my continued growth as a basketball player. This AAU basketball team plays the best of the best teams, helps develop players greatly, and I have played with exceptionally skilled teammates and met some lifelong friends from it. It has given me many opportunities to play in front of college coaches at all levels. Thanks to the skilled coaches at lighting I have grown as an athlete and leader!”
-Sara R.

“Mike and other coaches with Illinois Lady Lightning taught me to have confidence when I play. Over the years, they have always explained my potential and the progress I have made. My game has greatly improved because of all the positive role models in the program (coaches and players). My teammates on Lightning are always pushing me to become a better player. I’ve made everlasting friendships from teammates that have helped me to always stay positive and constantly boast my confidence.”
-Holly L.

“After playing for lightning the last two seasons and trying multiple teams before, I can say with the utmost confidence that this is the best team in the area. Foremost, the coaches are always looking to help each player in whatever way they can. I came into this program with barely enough confidence in myself to shoot a layup and after hard work and encouragement I have been built up to be an outside shooter. Additionally, the competition I have in practice has pushed me to compete at the highest level. My teammates have worked me into a better player and at the end of the day are some of my best friends. Through all the workouts and traveling, it is easy to bond with the other girls and I’m grateful to have friends who I share the same love for the game. Essentially, I am very thankful to be a part of this program because it has made me a better player, person, and given me many opportunities for the future.”
-Anna D.

“I may be a girl of many words but when it comes to Illinois Lady Lightning, I don’t even know where to begin. This club has provided me with so many opportunities, taught me life lessons and introduced me to some of the best people I know who will be my friends for a lifetime. As I enter my 12th season in this program, it has by no means been perfect. There have been amazing seasons, bad seasons and everything in between. In the end, this club is about more than basketball. It is about building people and not just basketball players. The solid, well rounded coaches have created solid and well rounded people and that is something I am so so thankful for. I have played on 12 slightly different teams, with roughly 35 different girls under a handful of fantastic coaches, and I can honestly say I would not change a second of it. I havemet my best friends within this program, and I consider everyone I’ve met to be my family. I have become a better person, teammate, friend and basketball player all thanks to my decision to join Illinois Lady Lightning, and I would recommend it to anyone in a heartbeat.

So much of my past, present and future as a basketball player have been depicted by the things I’ve learned in Lightning Skills Academy. The past 6 years, every Monday night, I have had the pleasure of working out with Mike Seberger at Butterfield park district. I’ve become better at every aspect of the game becauseof it. There is so much to offer within the Lightning Skills Academy, everything from post moves to ball handling and from shooting to conditioning. I am so very thankful that I’ve been able to be a part of it because it has molded me into the player I am today!”
-Nicole B.

“My 5 years playing for Lightning was an absolute honor and some of the best memories I have to this day. I was always pushed to do my absolute best, day in and day out by Coach Seberger and his assistants. To this day, I still remember a lot of the things the Lightning staff taught me and they prepared me very well for the college level. I learned through Lightning that hard work always pays off and that basketball was my passion – so why not have fun playing it every day. I am still friends with a lot of my former AAU teammates and keep up with them in their college games or just in their college lives. I am forever grateful for the opportunity Lightning gave me and will always have nothing but great words to say about the program. ”
-Liza F.

“Lady lightning was easily the best thing to have ever happened to me. The second I joined in 6th grade I was placed in the hands of the extremely capable coaches. I quickly learned skills both on and off the court such as leadership and post moves. I played with the best girls in the area with the best coaches around and the sky was the limit. I would be no where near a division one team without Mike Seberger and his team of coaches.”
-Sydney B.

“I loved being apart of the Lady Lightning Program. It gave me so many great memories and experiences. I truly found my love for the game while being apart of the Lady Lightning Program. I loved being around girls who all loved the game, were competitive and worked hard. The coaches and teammates that I had were great individuals, and they all helped me become a better basketball player. I always looked forward to practice and games, and looking back at it now, I am so appreciative for my time spent on the Lady Lightning basketball team.”
-Meghan W.

“I started playing Lightning going into 6th grade. My time there was truly the best thing for me. Not only was I constantly surrounded by coaches who pushed me to my limits and beyond, but I learned to become a better person. On and off the court we are held to a high standard and we are pushed to be the best. It taught me discipline and really showed me how seriously I wanted to take basketball. On the court it was always high competition and we always had high energy. I’ve also gotten to know some of my best friends through this program. Coach Mike has truly made me the best version of me and Lightning will always be considered a home to me.”
-Kaylee B.