League Rules


  • Games will use IHSA rules.
  • There will be an 18-minute running clock halves. Clock will stop the last two minutes of the second half. Clock will not stop in the first half.
  • One timeout per half.
  • Players get (5) fouls before they have fouled out
  • Each team will be responsible for providing a parent to run the clock and keep the score sheet for each game.
  • Overtime: 2 minute overtime - clock will stop at 1 minute; if game is still tied after 1st overtime we will go to sudden death (first basket wins)
  • Technical fouls - 2 points and the ball
  • Any player judged guilty of fighting or fouling with deliberate intent to injure another player will be ejected and suspended for the next game

Referees are instructed to have ZERO tolerance for foul or abusive language from Players, Coaches or Fans. COACHES ARE RESPONSIBLE for their parents behavior as well as their players. If necessary, a technical foul or ejection may be issued, failure on part of a Coach, Player, or fane to promptly leave the gym upon ejection will result in forfeiture of the game.

The Referee's decisions are final. No protests allowed.